How to Pack & Move Mattresses Like a Pro?

Moving house is not as easy as a walk in the garden. And when it comes to the bedroom, packing and moving mattresses and other bedding is like a nightmare.

They are highly vulnerable to wear and tear.

To ensure your expensive mattresses remain safe and dust-free throughout the process, hire experienced removalists in Perth and make the whole moving process far simpler.

Continue reading the blog to know more tips to pack and move mattresses like a pro.

1. Get rid of the old one

Good chances that you might have an old mattress that has a high sentimental value. And it may be very hard for you to get rid of it.

But packing an outdated mattress multiplies your moving expenses and workload.

So, it’s recommended to give a mattress to a close friend, family member, local charitable trust or to anyone who needs it more than you.

Make sure to give one that is in decent condition.

2. Get packing and moving supplies

You can’t just toss a mattress in the moving truck. Doing so, can cause irreparable damage to it and you may have to buy a new one.

To prevent any wear and tear, gather the right packing and moving supplies like:

  • Protective bag to save your mattress from moisture, pests and dirt
  • Packing tape to firmly seal and secure your mattress inside the bag
  • Stretch wrap to provide an extra layer of protection
  • A dolly or hand truck to haul the mattress from your home to a moving truck

Ratchet or tie-down straps to secure the mattress on moving equipment

You can avoid the hassle of buying packing and moving supplies by approaching the top movers and packers in Sydney. The experts have everything to make the house shifting process a breeze.

3. Smart packing

To make sure your favourite mattress survives all the moving challenges, pack it very well for safe transportation.

Some packing steps to follow are:

  • Measure the size of the mattress to buy the perfect size of the protective bag
  • Make sure the mattress is fully dry to avoid mould formation
  • Gently put the mattress in a durable and high-quality plastic bag
  • Use premium-quality tape to seal the bag

Mattresses are bulky, so they require extra care and handling. So, it’s better to hire the best removalists on the Gold Coast to help you pack and move mattresses with the utmost care.

4. Clear the pathways

Be extra alert while carrying your mattress through the entryways, downstairs, corridors and while loading it into the moving truck.

Remove furniture, breakables, electronics and anything that comes along your way to avoid any accidental damage to your mattress.

5. Ask for help

Mattresses are odd-shaped and heavy. So, it might not be easy for a single person to pack and move it.

The best bet is to ask your friend or family member for help. This will surely offer you some peace of mind and will also lower your burden.

Even better, consult a moving company to take care of all arduous tasks for you. Visit this website for moving assistance.

Bonus tips

  • Clean your mattress before putting it in a bag
  • Avoid exposing your mattress to extreme temperature
  • Avoid keeping anything on the top of the mattress
  • Load the mattress into the truck securely
  • Keep the mattress in place with straps
  • Lean it against the wall
  • Carefully inspect the moving vehicle and look for signs of pest infestation

In the end…

A mattress is one of the important parts of a bed that helps you to drift off to dreamland and ensures you have a sound sleep.

So, make sure to follow all the tips so that your mattress reaches safe and intact at the new address.

Hire professional moving services to make the mattress-moving process more easy peasy. Visit

and talk to moving experts.